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The tradition of the hog roast goes back centuries, and possibly longer. There are many ways to roast pork, including open fire rotisserie style roasting, and "caja china" style box grilling. Many families traditionally have a pig roast for Thanksgiving or Christmas. In Miami and other areas with large Cuban, Puerto Rican, or other Caribbean populations pig roasts are often held on Christmas Eve by families and friends whereas families from Hawaii often hold a roast on memorial day.


Pig roast (lechon asado) is a part of Puerto Rico's national dish and is usually served with arroz con gandules. In Puerto Rico, pig roasts occur year round, but happen in greater frequency as part of New Year's Eve celebrations and especially Christmas.

In the Philippines, the roasted pig is referred to as lechon baboy. It is traditionally prepared for Christmas celebrations, but is also commonplace at birthday parties, weddings, Debuts, and family reunions.

In the UK, the tradition of pig roasting, which is more commonly known in the UK as a Hog Roast, is fundamental to many occasions, particularly parties and celebrations. It is usually an outdoor event, and a staple meal on many show events. The tradition is either to roast on a spit, turning the pig under a flame, or in a large oven in a roasting pan, roasting pigs over 200 lbs in weight is common in the UK. The pig is roasted usually in cider and bay leaves, with salt rubbed in to the scored skin to make the 'crackling'

The Arden Pig Company Uk has over 15 years of catering, party planning and birthday party catering experience, the Arden Pig Company know how important your special event is and we pride ourselves on providing excellent quality and service. The company has long history within the industry and also pig farming in the UK.

The Arden Pig Company Spain regardless of being a seperate company from The Arden Pig Company UK as far as owners of the business it still follows the quality and standards of the UK company.

The Arden Pig Company Spain is unlike any other catering company in Spain we have a proven track record of outstanding events and also a passion to be better.

We started out as Hog Roasts and BBQ caterers, this became our signature service and the reason why we have become so popular within Andalucia and have built up a reputation of being the best party catering company on the coast.  

The Arden Pig Company Spain has years of experience in the hog roast trade in Spain. Owner of the Arden Pig Company UK  Jon Evans decided to design and oversee the manufacture of his own machines. Designing the Arden Pig Hog Roast machine has taken years of design and changes, but we are very happy with what is now the leading Hog roaster .

Since arriving in Spain The Arden Pig Company has lead the way in the wedding and event catering market with many companies now trying to follow in the foot steps of the company and also its concept.

The Name - The Arden Pig Company is  known as the UK’s and SPain´s premier Hog Roast machine providers and caterers.

The Arden Pig Company Spain has taken a new direction in catering and is the largest and most popular catering company in Southern Spain.

Always getting better .. 

Note -  The use of the name Arden Pig Company was permitted by Jon Evans in the Uk to be used by The Arden Pig Company Spain. There is no business conection between the two companies and under the terms of business they are two seperate companies.

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