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Want to start a restaurant or bar?

Want to start a restaurant or bar?
  • Ever sat in a restaurant and said to your friends " if i had this place , i would ........" ?
  • Ever wanted to get away from it all?
  • Ever wanted a bar or restaurant in Spain? 

Well we did and now have 2 successful catering companies in Southern Spain,  a Lounge
Bar and Restaurant , We have been part of many hotels and restaurants across Spain and Uk and we have 3 more projects on its way including our own hotel and wedding venue.

Our experience comes from hard work. Our team have been involved with many hotels , restaurants, bars, wedding venues and companies on the coast.

Starting your own restaurant or catering business has become more popular than ever in Spain. With more and more UK people deciding to pack up and move abroad in search of better times. Owning your own place in the sun can be a fun and exciting time for you and your family.

Want a fun, creative job where you are in charge and can make you own mark?

So what stops people making the move?

The legal system in Spain can be a daunting thing especially if you don’t speak the language. Unlike the UK, setting up business abroad is far more complicated. Dealing with the local town hall, licenses, permits, land lords, banks and staff contracts is the reason why many give up the dream.

Location is also a key to success. Coming over on holiday is great; sitting in a busy bar can give a false impression of how difficult it can be. Remember most British look at buying in the summer, which is the worst time to buy. Prices are higher and you can be falsely seeing a roaring trade. Remember the season is between June and September. Outside of this you need to bring in locals to continue through the winter.

Using a company that works 12 months a year in the trade, and have a proven success in the catering and restaurant business is worth its weight in gold.

We can help you with finding the perfect venue, arranging the legal and license side of the business, setting up residency in Spain, setting up as a sole trader or company. We also have many restaurants / bars available in many areas on the coast. From empty - closed restaurants to fully running bars.

What’s the cost ?

You need to have a good nest egg to start, don’t think that business will start from the day you open and everything will be perfect. It’s a hard job, long hours and can be frustrating. BUT with effort and common sense it can pay off.

We always advice people to take this step very carefully, remembering the friends and family you leave behind but once everything is calm they too can enjoy what you have achieved.

The average start-up cost for a new business can be from 25.000 Euros to 80.000 for a nice size bar / restaurant with all costs covered to finally open the door. This is to buy the business, name and concept. Some sales also include the equipment.  A lot of restaurants have the equipment already included in the rent.

Rent is not normally part of the purchase price but can start from only 500 Euros but like with property, you pay for what you get. The market has many places available with rent between 1000 to 2500 a month.

Whats available ?

The old saying - everything is for sale, at the right price.

  • Bars
  • Restaurants
  • Night Clubs
  • Catering Companies
  • Wedding Venues
  • Hotels

You would be surprised what is up for sale. We have wedding venues that have bookings for the next years.

We have a number of well known wedding and event venues for sale. Due to the nature of the business these are not advertised to the public.

Prices from 1.250.000 to 5.000.000 Euros. 

Setting up a catering company.

We now offer the chance to set up your own catering company in Southern Spain and beyond. We have become the most watched catering company, with other catering companies following what we do, and wanting to be part of our market place.

We are helping clients live a dream, and also make money. We offer a catering set-up package from only 5000 Euros with little or no overheads. The advantage of a catering company is that you only need the stock and staff when you have the bookings, and we can also help you to achieve clients.

Our package include everything you need to start from plates - cutlery to website design and equipment.

For more information on our services please contact us today for a free chat .

We also arrange viewing trips for our clients to see the market and talk over the options. During this we can arrange free independent advice from lawyers and accountants to make sure this is the right move for you. Our team work with estate agents who can assist you in find properties when you make the move.

Dont worry, all our trips come with a fluent Spanish / English speaker.

There is a small charge for viewing trips and they last around 3 days. In this time we aim to show you everything you need to make a correct choice.

We can also arrange car hire, hotels in the area.

Owning your own business abroad is not for everyone, and if we feel that the move would not be for you, we tell you. But if it is, we will help you all the way.

Email - events@ardenpigcompany.es

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