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Private Chef
High-quality chef service and customer satisfaction. No party is too big or too small.
We specialize in -
  • Intimate dinners
  • Dinner parties
  • Catered special events
  • Daily or weekly meals
  • Cocktail parties
  • Cooking classes
  • Show days
Our chefs have a background in outstanding catering and have been personal chefs to celebrities and members of the royal family. Our attention to detail is paramount, and we take great care in considering dietary restrictions, food preferences, allergies and all aspects of your dining experience.
Our goal

  • Provide you with the best chefs  
  • Ensure an exceptional dining experience.
  • Accomadate your every need.

And, no matter what type of food you like, or what the occasion, all of our chefs will take care of provisioning and planning, taking into account any special dietary requirements.

You can also be more involved if you want, planning the meals together with your chef and going to the local markets with them.  Either way, the cooking and clearing up is all taken care of.

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